16 Days of Activism against gender-Based Violence

In 2018, we worked with more than 60 survivors of sexual violence in political institutions to find out how we can create safe and respectful workplaces and environments for women and trans folks. We are continuing that work by asking young women and leaders in our community for their input on addressing gender-based violence in the world of work in line with this year’s theme for the 16 Days Campaign.


Anjum Sultana

To ensure healthy workplaces, we must establish interventions to prevent and address gender-based violence. We need to make workplaces a source of support, and not a source of fear. Read more.

Apefa Adjivon Founder, The Pearl Project.png

Apefa Adjivon

Creating safer workspaces for young women is crucial if we want them to succeed and thrive. Read more.


Denise Payette

To me, a safe workplace begins with better representation and inclusion of ALL women. Read more.