16 Days of Activism against gender-Based Violence

How can we create safe and healthy workplaces for women?


Anjum Sultana

Manager of Policy and Strategic Communications, YWCA Canada

To ensure healthy workplaces, we must establish interventions to prevent and address gender-based violence. We need to make workplaces a source of support, and not a source of fear. 

To address gender-based violence and support women at work, the Government of Canada can:

 1.     Establish Paid Leave for Survivors of Intimate Partner Violence: Recently, New Zealand passed legislation to ensure paid leave for survivors of intimate partner violence. The Government of Canada can do them same by modifying the Canada Labour Code.

 2.     Develop and Implement a National Action Plan on Violence Against Women and Girls: A network of NGOs, trade unions and independent experts have outlined a blueprint. It builds on the Federal Strategy to Prevent and Address Gender-Based Violence. A national action plan would bring the provincial, territorial and municipal governments to the table and create a systems-level strategy to address gender-based violence across the country.