Sexual Violence Support Toolkit


Young Women’s Leadership Network condemns the culture of misogyny in Canadian politics that has allowed sexual and gender-based violence to remain pervasive in political spaces. We support all survivors of sexual and gender-based violence and acknowledge the difficulty of coming forward with allegations.

Young women in politics are particularly vulnerable to sexual and gender-based violence as they find themselves in positions with little to no resources such as interns, pages, and volunteers. Coming forward about sexual and gender-based violence has lasting repercussions, with social isolation and attacks on their credibility cited as the primary reasons. This has a direct impact on young women’s civic engagement.

However, we’re working to make coming forward easier.

Young Women’s Leadership Network is creating a sexual violence support kit for political campaigns. Young women are at the forefront of various political and social justice campaigns, and this exposes them to a variety of acts of gender-based sexual violence that often goes unnoticed on the campaign trail.

Our sexual violence support kit will focus on broadening our understandings of sexual violence in the context of politics and providing campaign teams with the necessary training and tools to address rape culture and support survivors. We need to ensure that women have adequate support systems to address sexual and gender-based violence both on the campaign and in offices across the country.

We will be working with survivors, community groups, and experts in the upcoming months to create a comprehensive plan that is reflective of a variety of experiences and provides meaningful support for young women in politics.

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