Yasmin Owis

Yasmin is a first year Masters of Teaching student at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE) at the University of Toronto. She is a graduate of the Arts and Contemporary Studies program at Ryerson University, where she studied Global Studies and History. She has been a volunteer at the Bay Centre for Birth Control, Centre for Women and Trans People at Ryerson University and is currently an external educator for the Sexual Education Centre at the University of Toronto. Her current research at OISE challenges the heteronormative narrative within the sexual health curriculum across Canada and focuses on restructuring the curriculum to better represent LGBTQ+ identifying individuals. The MT program gives her the opportunity to teach within racialized and socioeconomically disadvantaged communities in the Toronto area, giving her first-hand experience working with marginalized students in inner-city schools to better understand the needs of youth today. She is deeply passionate about advocacy for women’s rights and believes in using an intersectional, equity-based educational approach as a means to challenge, mobilize and initiate change in our community.