Janelle Hinds

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Janelle is the founder of Helping Hands, a platform for youth to volunteer and get civically engaged. She has a Bachelors of Engineering with majors in both Biomedical and Electrical Engineering and has worked as a Research Analyst . the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health.

Janelle advocates for women and minorities in STEM- Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. She has worked on integrating efforts to increase diversity in many of her endeavours and always looking for more opportunities to help others in their efforts.  Janelle is an advocate for social innovation and encouraging others to pursue entrepreneurial endeavours.

On leadership:

Leadership is the ability to work with a group of people to achieve a task. Some advice I would give others is that they don't have to follow the typical model of leadership that they see on TV. The loudmouth, demands what they want, dismissive of other people's ideas. Personally, I am a quieter, less aggressive person in general. I found ways to play on my strengths to be an effective leader.  I aim to be inclusive other ideas and look for creative solutions. I gave responsibility to younger students whereas it is the norm for seniors to get the titles. It is important to remember being a leader isn't about being in charge, but bringing people together and inspiring excellence within them. 


Janelle's Work

Janelle is the founder of Helping Hands which has developed strategies to engage young people to participate and lead that reflect their availability, skills and interests. It has two main goals: To improve the set of soft skills which required to obtain volunteer positions possessed for youth participating in our workshops and broadening the horizons of possible civic engagement activities for youth by giving them easier access to community service opportunities that fit their skill set.