Get to Know Our Friends! 

Here are a few organizations and projects whose work empowers young women across our network. 

This Woman I Know

This Woman I Know is a series that features self-identified women, who show support, act as allies and empower one another.  


THIS WOMAN I KNOW, her name is Erica.  She is an artist, and art educator, a non-profit founding director, and a bartender.  She considers herself to be an empathetic, caring and a social person who does her best to make everyone around her feel comfortable.

Chief Lady Bird

THIS WOMAN I KNOW, her name is Chief Lady Bird and she is an Anishinaabe (Chippewa and Potawatomi) artist from Rama First Nation and Moose Deer Point First Nation.  She creates illustrations, street art, collaborative community murals, and mixed media paintings with her major focus on empowerment- specifically intended for Indigenous people through a decolonial lens.

The Girl Friends Project

An ongoing photo series featuring female friends. “Behind every great woman, is another great woman.” 


Rose & Manaal

Rose and Manaal met in a tiny town of New Brunswick that wasn't particularly receptive to minorities (or girls with “big” noses). Having these things in common, they became each other’s saving grace through their high school years. “We are done with nose shaming.” laughs Rose placing her index on her nose.


Adrienne & Siran

Chinese-Canadian Adrienne was 23 when she converted to Islam. Her decision to convert was independent of family, friends or love. During this time, Adrienne stumbled into old high-school friend Siram at a Hallal Food Exhibition. Their friendship picked up right where they left off, only this time Siram learned of Adrienne’s new spiritual path. At the time, Adrienne received tough backlash from family members but it was Siram who stepped in to invite her to social gatherings with friends and family.

The Sisters Project

The Sisters Project combats negative stereotypes of Muslim women by showcasing the diverse stories of inspirational women across Canada, while also creating a space of inclusion and belonging for all self-identifying Muslim women to embrace and celebrate their unique identities


"One of my favourite qualities of myself is my truthfulness. As cheesy as it sounds, I believe honesty is the best policy."


"I have deep compassion for others. I am always drawn to those who are oppressed, marginalized or broken in some way. Although it often weighs heavy on my soul, listening to the stories of, and writing about those who are less advantaged in society is a cathartic experience."