Our Team


Yasmin Rajabi

Yasmin is a fourth-year Public Policy & City Studies student at the University of Toronto. She currently works as a facilitator working with local communities, private interests and clients to create innovative policy solutions. She has been an advocate for rights of girls and young women through partnerships with various non-profits organizations, and engaging youth in policy making. She has spoken at several forums on the importance of an anti-colonial and intersectional lens in doing feminist work.

Email: yasmin@ywln.ca

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Arezoo Najibzadeh

Arezoo is a women in politics advocate and a students’ rights activist based in Toronto. Arezoo’s work takes an intersectional approach to understanding the role of young women and girls in grassroots and institutional politics, as well as the relationship between sexual violence, public safety, and women’s civic engagement. She has an intimate understanding of the multiple barriers young women, especially young immigrant women of colour, must overcome in order to voice their opinions and materialize their ideas into actions within our political system.

Email: arezoo@ywln.ca