It's Time to address Sexual Violence in Political Institutions

We are taking a survivor-centred, trauma-informed approach to addressing sexual violence in politics. Young women are at the forefront of various political and social justice campaigns, and this exposes them to a variety of acts of gender-based sexual violence that often goes unnoticed on the campaign trail. Our resources will not only bring attention to this prevalent issue, but will provide tools and information on creating harassment-free spaces that encourage young women's civic engagement. 

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Young Women’s Leadership Network intentionally creates space for women to discuss sexual harassment in the political and civic spheres, since they may not have other outlets to do so.
— Toronto Star

Services for Political Institutions

We work with political parties, legislatures, social justice campaigns, and leaders to create long lasting culture shifts that encourage civic engagement.

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These Women Left Politics Because Of Harassment. Here’s What They’re Doing Now To Combat It