We work with political institutions including, but not limited to, political parties, campaigns, electoral riding associations, as well as unions and grassroots movements. We provide evidence-based and proven models for identifying and addressing sexual violence that result in ongoing commitments and preventative measures toward creating safer spaces for women in politics.

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Young women are entering political institutions at high rates; however, this does not translate into the number of women candidates, elected officials, or in senior leadership within political institutions. With more than 80% of young women with a median age of 25 leaving politics due to experiencing sexual violence, we must make a collective commitment to challenging gender-based violence and sexism in Canadian politics.

Are you committed to ending gender-based sexual violence in our political institutions?

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  • to invest time in learning about recognizing and addressing sexual violence;

  • to learn about or support the creation of sexual violence education and prevention policies and practices within political spaces; and

  • to intervene when I witness gender-based sexual violence and not be a bystander.

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